Dinner with Curt Rosengren

I had dinner with Curt Rosengren today. He is a Passion Catalyst, who resides in Seattle, and makes his living showing other people how to find passion in their lives/work. He came to Microsoft to speak a few weeks back and I asked him to dinner so I could pick his brain. Graciously, he accepted. We talked of many things, mostly of how he got into his current line of work, as well as my ideas around such work. I mentioned to him the index card idea which I wrote about a few days ago. It’s worked wonders for me, and he seemed to like the idea as well. I thought I’d only done this for a few months, but I’m at my desk just now, and I realized that my first card was in August, so I’ve been making these cards (almost everyday) for nearly 6 months now. Fantastic! Curt gave me some good ideas around how to use my future travels as a time for self exploration, and how the ideas I’ve been coming up with might really appeal to others who are of similar age and circumstance. I think there must be thousands of 20-somethings who have graduated college, found themselves in a job, and then thought… okay, so now what? Off the bat, Curt said some key things which I hung on to. He says the first 10 years of your career don’t really mean much anyhow, so you should try to get experience in as many things as you can. Why does he say this? Well, his personal experience for one, but even more so, he says thats when he starts seeing alot of his clients. After about that length of time, they start coming around to … what am I doing? Where am I going? What do I want out of my life/career? I think I’m a little ahead of the curve on this end… as are a bunch of my friends with whom I’ve been bouncing ideas around. I think that is what this site is probably going to turn into. A place for self exploration. After all, its already appropriately titled. So I must have had that in my subconscious at the start anyhow. Curt mentioned the book Road Trip Nation” which is a book of interviews by some college kids who traveled around the nation interviewing all sorts of folks. He also mentioned Speak and Grow Rich… which pertains to my future speaking engagements. I’ll have to write more about that soon.


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