I reread an article today entitled “Grow Up? Not so Fast.” by Lev Grossman in TIME magazine. It’s about “twixters” the in-betweeners of my age… In their twenty’s… not quite an adult, and not in adolescence any more.

It rang true for me in a number of ways… but in alot of ways, it talked about people who were bouncing from job to job, living with their parents, dating, going out alot, etc. I think from an external view point, I look very responsible. Graduated in 4 years, good job, financially independent and responsible… however, the mindset was very familiar.

Who are we?:
“Where did the twixters come from? And what’s taking them so long to get Where they’re going? Some of the sociologists, psychologists and demographers who study this new life stage see it as a good thing. The twixters aren’t lazy, the argument goes, they’re reaping the fruit of
decades of American affluence and social liberation. This new period is a chance for young people to savor the pleasures of irresponsibility, search their souls and choose their life paths. But more historically and economically minded scholars see it differently. They are worried that twixters aren’t growing up because they can’t.”

On growing older… :
“Twixters have all the privileges of grownups now but only some of the responsibilities.”

On relationships:
“The situation is analogous to their promiscuous job-hopping behavior–like Goldilocks, they want to find the one that’s just right–but it can give them a cynical, promiscuous vibe too. Arnett is worried that if anything, twixters are too romantic. In their universe, romance is totally detached from pragmatic concerns and societal pressures, so when twixters finally do marry, they’re going to do it for Love with a capital L and no other reason.”

On jobs:
“Twixters expect a lot more from a job than a paycheck.”

Some of this resonates with me… especially that last part. I definitely feel like I’m an idealist, and that I envision having all that I want, rather than settling for what is the norm, and acceptable. I think thats why I have an itch to leave this responsible life behind. I feel like I’m living out someone else’s expectations. It’s beautiful out today. I’m inside my office staring at a glowing LCD screen. There must be people doing more exciting things. I’m not okay with not being one of those people.


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