Support for Travel

My voice coach, Emily Greenleaf, rocks. She said something yesterday that I thought was worth putting down.
“Music is a unique skill in that it requires you to speak and listen at the same time… The world needs more people who can do that.”
She’s very supportive of my decision to go travel. She gave me the great idea of taking a mic to attach to my Ipod, and record sounds/music from my trip. A great music education, as well as a cool way to record parts of my adventures other than photographs.

On a separate note, I was discussing with a friend yesterday, whether its better to attack hobbies and goals in serial or parallel. I quickly find myself inundated with practice schedules and routines that I should do everyday to get full benefit. Another approach would be to devote myself fully to it for a set amount of time, achieve a certain level of proficiency, and then move on to something else. Of course, this likely means I won’t maintain that proficiency… but it probably won’t be completely lost either. Also, it allows me to achieve a higher level, than if I overload myself with so many tasks that I end up not being consistent with any of them.

This is an interesting idea, but for now, I’m not going to follow it. I think I naturally spend alot of time on something until I find I’ve achieved a level and then want to move on. A good example is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I’ve stopped it for now, but I might return to it when I go back to Brazil. I think I’m pretty good at being consistent, but I need some work on not picking up hobbies right, left, and center. My natural instinct when I hear about somebody doing something cool, is to jump right on board and try to do it as well.

All in all… I can’t complain. Its a good problem to have.


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