Grateful + Opportunistic

About a week ago I wrote “Seeing Beyond Money” about the ability to see beyond the paycheck to evaluate what I really want. I also spoke of the difference between being grateful for my good fortune, and still wanting to move on. Yesterday I had a talk with a few friends where we ended up in a very similar conversation.

I’m becoming more and more convinced of my point. With my friends, the conversation continued to go back to comparing where we are in our careers compared to the general population. I was arguing that that was a completely separate issue. Yes, I agree, we should all be grateful for a number of things. Starting out with being born into a free country, getting a good education, having enough to eat, etc.

But my point is that we should compare our current careers not with what those less fortunate have, but instead with what we ourselves are capable of having. We should continue to be grateful for what we have now, but its not a reason to not aim higher and continue to move forward.

I posed the question of job satisfaction. On a scale of 1-10 how do you feel about your current job. 10 being the most fantastic job you can imagine, and 1 being the worst situation. My friends all centered around about a 6.

My am convinced that there are 9 and 10 jobs out there for everyone. I don’t necessarily think that you will know what they are (I don’t)… but if you’re current job is not moving you toward them, aren’t you due for a change? First, however, you must be convinced about the existance of such a job. (as hypothetical as it is at this point.) I, personally, am convinced.

My last thought, as I continued to convince my friends of my viewpoint, is… why am I doing this? I believe entirely in what I am saying. I have no doubt of that, and so naturally I want to share my viewpoint… However, some small part of me is asking the question… Am I trying to make converts out of those around me so that I have company in taking this risk? I want to tell myself ‘no’… but how can I really be sure?


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