Corporate Ties, and Money as an Opportunity

I was talking with a friend yesterday about my ‘fear of commitment.’ She is looking into buying a house… and meanwhile I couldn’t imagine tying myself down financially like that. One of the things I like about my life right now is that the only thing limiting me is my mentality. I have paid off my debts, paid off my car, and am renting month to month. Even my furniture is cheap enough to be disposable. I’ve been asked multiple times if I feel like my rent that I pay each month makes me feel like I’m throwing away money. I’m sure I don’t feel that way. Yes, I know, I won’t see that money again, and if I was paying off a mortgage instead, than I could look at it like an investment. But honestly, I don’t care.

I see money as an opportunity. After all, thats pretty much what it represents to me. Opportunity to purchase something, donate it, invest it. Right now, the money I spend on rent is providing me with opportunities, simply by alleviating me of financial committments. At this point in my life, I value that alot. If for no other reason, it lets me explore my opportunities mentally, without having to think about alot of financial caveats.

It’s funny, I hear advice all the time about how to invest, buy corporate stock, start an IRA, 401K, etc. And, of course, like a good boy, I do what I need to do. But the mentality is what surprises me. My parents had pretty much no money until they were 30-35, and yet we now live in big house, go on vacation all over the place, my sisters and I all went to private colleges, etc.

Meanwhile, here I am, 23 years old, earning more money than I possibly could ‘need’ and the mentality around my workplace is all about what you can do to earn more. I’m not saying its bad to be financially responsible,… not at all. But there’s a fine line between living within your means being smart with your money, versus concentrating alot of your time and energy on how much more you can make. This is one of the main reasons I wish to leave behind corporate life for a while. The “money money money” mentality is suffocating, and I’m afraid that if I stay here too long, I’ll forget about whats really important. It’s already starting to feel more normal here than it did when I arrived.

Concentration on money is just a mentality I just don’t want in my life.

The funny thing, is the luxury I have in saying that. Thanks mostly to good fortune, I really have absolutely no financial fears looking forward in my life. I feel like I have the tools and mentality to make as much money as I need. Thats probably why I don’t care to buy a house. Sure, it might be better financially in the long run… but the way I look at it, financially, I’m going to be just fine in the long run.

I already know I can make money doing something I don’t really love. What I need to concentrate on now, is creating a life and career that I actually want instead of just a life that earns more money. I think that’s alot harder, and I fully believe that not enough people spend time trying to find it.


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