Leaning On the Support of Friends

Through this whole ordeal of leaving my job to travel, talking to my friends helped a lot. Most of them still saw the romantic side of it, and it was helpful to hear their support. My family was, and has been supportive of well, but in a different way. They have been understanding of my dissatisfaction, and supportive of my ideas to leave. My friends were the ones who offered encouragement.
I started a business idea brainstorming group “Hyper-Zen” about two years ago. All the guys (10 in all) worked at the same company as I did, and we met once a week at my house to discuss ideas, have pizza, and just hang out. Over the course of the two years, nearly everyone has come to the same conclusion as I did… Some things were good about the job, but none were completely satisfied. I think I was the most acute case of dissatisfaction, and therefore I am the first to defect. The group was very supportive, and one of my best friends offered me a place at his house when I come back from my travels. So I took him up on it, and so the rent portion of my worries died down.
My plan slowly teased its way out. It started with a year of travel, to Brazil, Europe and Africa, and then no plans after that. Then I took out Africa. Despite family pressure to move back to the Midwest, eventually I decided to come back to Seattle for sure. All my friends are here, including future business partners, as well as all of my contacts. Then I went to a few travel presentations, and decided that Europe seemed pretty expensive, and I had less contacts there, so I cut that out too. I realized that since I was not looking for a 9 to 5 job when I return, there was no need to bunch up my trips into one long time period. I could return to Seattle, and take off again later in the year, hopefully this time with a friend. So finally I had a rough plan. Leave Seattle before the holidays, spend the holidays with family, take off for Brazil in January, take a break \ volunteer until April, at which point I return to spend another week at home with family, and then move back out to Seattle to explore entrepreneurial ventures. Then the second round of worries set in.


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