Thoughts from Morro de Sao Paulo

  • Latin cultures seem to mix well. We met Italians and Spaniards on a boat trip today, and everyone understood each other, mostly, and got along really well.
  • We were taking off from one stop, and there was a fishing boat with 4 small boys in it. The boat was essentially a carved out log, that sat really low in the water. The boys were paddling with a plank of wood. In front of me a huge speed boat pulled up, probably 35 ft or so… The contrast struck me so suddenly. The speedboat seemed so out of place in this huge river, amongst the fisherman and the small boys. Interesting though… the boys didn´t seem to be having any less fun than the kids in the boat. They were a lot more lively, in fact.
  • If woman wears a bikini that covers more than a third of your butt, you are immedietely noticed as an outsider. And your suit? “Very ugly”
  • Places to visit seem to be judged by the number of beaches.

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