Three Days in Itacaré

So we seem to be in search of the perfect beach. I don´t really understand it, but my friends want to see every beach, and aren´t satisfied until we´ve visited them all. We spend a lot of time hiking and walking between them, and talking about which one was better than the other. It’s like the distinction between fine wines. They all seem pretty perfect to me, although some are less inhabited, which I like. I also like ones with shade. I’m bordering on black lately.
Anyhow, today someone attempted to rob me. I got home to our campsite to find the lock on my tent had been forced and broken, but the stupid thief was lazy or something and didn’t actually get it to open. I guess he didn’t want to hurt the tent either, because he could have just cut it open. Luckily, I keep all my valuables with me, so no worries. Everyone thinks it’s because someone noticed I was a gringo, and saw dollar signs.
I uploaded loads of photos today, only a fraction of what was taken, but they have captions on most. Thanks much to Fil Fortes, for sponsoring my Flickr account.

Yes, I realize that I don´t have a shirt on in most of the photos… it’s hot as hell over here, and I’m half naked or 95% of the day. Besides, the Brazilians are far from conservative.


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