Life after Microsoft: Money

On the subject of my life after I return, I’ve had some thoughts about where I want this blog to go. I started it nearly a year ago, to record any substantial ideas I was having, in hopes of creating some timeless content (as opposed to the recent posts about my travels). I haven’t done anything to advertise the site, and until recently, very few people knew about it (and even fewer read it.) I’m considering posting more, and documenting more about my endeavors outside the stability of an wage. I believe a vast majority of corporate workers in the United States would love to leave their jobs to “do what they love,” but most don’t do it because of the fear of instability. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, in fact, just the opposite. But I am ‘lucky’ enough not be risk-averse, and I am committed to making my career out of something I enjoy doing. I think the lack of answers (and therefore advice) might be what makes documenting my endeavors publicly interesting.

Going from a stable wage to wage-less makes you contemplate your priorities on how to spend money. Obviously, I have no trouble spending some on travel. 🙂 Here’s my 30-second take on money:

  • Save for the future, but don’t obsess over it. Concentrate on earning for the future by investing in myself. At this point, I believe my earning growth potential is much greater than the market growth potential.
  • Spend as little as possible on myself, without sacrificing health or happiness. (Thankfully, I don’t get a thrill from shopping.)
  • Spend on experiences and learning, but much less on things, unless it is a tool for the former.
  • No matter what my income, I always have money for friend and family related expenses.

2 Responses to Life after Microsoft: Money

  1. Liane says:

    Good to hear…since we “your fam” will be looking foward to your frequent visits home/Chicago since you will be in a constantly on your day off!

  2. Trevin says:

    this is good advice craig. Glad to see you’re still breathing 🙂

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