Life after Microsoft: Resources

On the subject of my life after I return, I’ve had some thoughts about where I want this blog to go. I started it a year ago, to record any substantial ideas I was having, in hopes of creating some timeless content (as opposed to the recent posts about my travels). I haven’t done anything to advertise the site, and until recently, very few people knew about it (and even fewer read it.) I’m considering posting more, and documenting more about my endeavors outside the stability of an wage. I believe a vast majority of corporate workers in the United States would love to leave their jobs to “do what they love,” but many don’t do it because of the fear of instability. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, in fact, it’s the opposite. But I am ‘lucky’ to not be risk-averse, and I am committed to making my career out of something I enjoy doing.

My current ideas and resources:

Public Speaking: I believe I have an aptitude for this, as unpolished and untrained as it might be. I also enjoy doing it, especially when I choose all the material. I plan on starting my career as a professional speaker with talks on Improving your Memory. I’ve been interested in this topic for nearly 10 years now, and I’m currently honing my own techniques, and will be refining a presentation which I’ve given at a few public schools in the past year.

Balloon Twisting: I learned to twist balloons during college, and volunteered with kids in the surrounding areas. Since then, I’ve raised money for charity by busking, volunteered with other charity organizations, and recently I took a few paying gigs at parties. Twisting balloons is obviously not the typical career path following Microsoft, but it pays well, is fun and easy, has very low overhead and flexible hours, and therefore, I plan on using it to pay some bills while I work on other endeavors.

HyperZen Think Tank: Just over two years ago, I had the idea to semi-formalize the conversations about business ideas that my friends and I were constantly having. We started meeting every week to discuss ideas and career moves, and since then have come up with some interesting ideas for entrepreneurial endeavors, in a number of fields. This is a huge resource, as I consider this group to be highly talented, and while business ideas are a dime a dozen, the fact that we formed a group is unique. Outside of the above attempts at making some money, I will spend the majority of my time working on projects associated with this group.

Sales position: I believe that the ability to sell is extremely important in any career. Or at least, the ones I will consider. In the very least, you are always selling yourself. If the above ideas are not enough, and I need a more formal job for some reason (like health insurance)… I will look for a sales position. I would consider it a great learning experience, and would keep the job as long as needed, while I continue to work on the above endeavors.


2 Responses to Life after Microsoft: Resources

  1. Trevin says:

    I’ve been intending to come to hyperzen meetings for about 1 year now but still haven’t shown up 🙂 Hopefully when you get back i can take you up on your invite!

  2. Anonymous says:

    have you booked your ticket for my wedding yet? 😉

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