Traveling again

So I’m on my way to Salvador to experience the craziness that is Carnaval in Brazil. My friend Evelyn is traveling with me, and once again, I am amazed by the hospitality in this country. For the last three nights, we’ve been in Vitoria, which is in the state of Esprito Santos above Rio and below Bahia. We have stayed in a beautiful house close to the beach, the home of the Sergio, who is the brother of a friend of Evelyn’s back in the states. We showed up without ever having met Sergio or his mother before, but were welcomed like old friends. We’ve been going out every night with some other friends of mine that live here. The connection to them is as follows. Two years ago, during my last trip to Brasil, I met a girl during a bus ride into the city… Her twin sister teaches at a university in Niteroi, and about a month ago, introduced me to some of her students, who now live in Niteroi for school. They have holidays now, as it’s summer here, and invited me to visit them in their hometown… Vitoria.
Our first night here we went to a school of Samba, which has a party every weekend in the months preceding carnaval. The school practices for the parade, and rather than waste good music, they turn it into a huge party. My Samba steps need some serious work.


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