Back in Rio

Katie arrived last week, and we have been moving around a bit, exploring Rio. It's interesting to see it again through her eyes… I've almost forgotten what it's like to be here and not speak the language. My Portuguese has taken another jump, and I find myself understanding alot more in the last few days. Partly because I think I'm forced to really understand everything so I can translate.
We attended the Parade of Champions on Saturday, which is the best of the Samba parades in one night, the Saturday after Carnaval. It was beautifully extravagant, and a different energy than in Salvador. Carnaval in each city is very different, and I'm glad I got to experience a bit of Rio as well. I once again, must mention how well things work out for me over here, thanks to my amazing friends. We stayed at the Sheraton for the first two nights when Katie arrived, since I had free nights there through my credit card, and I wanted to stay in Rio for a while. While there, I asked the concierge about the Parade of Champions and I was quoted R$300 for nosebleed seats, meanwhile, a friend of mine picked up much better seats for me for R$85.
After wandering around Rio, then staying with Rodrigo's family for a bit, we are now staying in a beautiful house in São Francisco, owned by my friend Steve who runs a company called Rio Holiday. ( If you ever come to this part of the planet, forget the Sheraton… stay in one of Steve's houses instead (see the view in the picture above). It's placed much better, is a much better deal, and gives a much more Brazilian experience. It's funny how different things seem when I'm hosting, compared to when I'm exploring them for myself. It really gives me a sense of feeling at home here.

Katie has started a blog as well, (under no influence of mine, I swear)… and she recently wrote about her first week here:

Here are pictures from her first week…


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