Last weekend was marked with two parties, both churrascos in Steve's Mirante do Atlantico house near Itacoatiara beach. Friday night was mostly the friends I've met through Rodrigo, and we had Sally (Rodrigo as well, buy known by his last name… pronounced "Sah-lee") making his specialty on the grill.

The night included dancing, drinking and lots of grilled meat and cheese… so it was a typical brazilian party. (and a few balloons, by popular request).

Everyone enjoyed the amazing view from Steve's house, and a few used the pool. Again, if you ever come to Rio… stay in one of Steve's houses. If you're in a group, even better, you can't beat the price, or the experience of Brazil.

This is a shot that was ordered by skin color. Rodrigo was ecstatic to not be on the end.

Saturday night was a bit smaller, and a lot of the friends I met in Salvador during Carnaval came, and I got a look at a bunch of the pictures everyone had taken. Again, there was much dancing, meat and drinking, and as Katie would say "a good time was had by all."

On Monday, we took another trip into the favela near Rodrigo's house. After nearly two months of asking about voluntary work, I got through to the head lady of the daycare that sits atop of the Morro. It is paid for by the government, and provided free of charge for kids too young for school, who have working parents. We arrived a bit late, but made some balloons for kids eating lunch, and watched as the rest of the kids were put to sleep. It was adorable, and I was struck again by how similar kids are at that young age, no matter what the environmental conditions are. It's sad to think of the lack of options they will experience as they grow older. It's almost certain that some will turn to drugs and crime… at yet at the current time, they are as innocent as can be. I can't wait to go back. I'm going to look into what materials are most needed and then donate some money, if anyone reading this is interested in donating, please let me know.

More pictures from the churrasco.

More pictures from Morro do Cavalão.


One Response to Churrascos

  1. rootu says:

    U inspire me! Seems like you are having fun. I have probably missed out or haven’t found the reason of your trip yet. Maybe I need to go dig up your old blogs.

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