Life in Niteroi

This photo is a good look at how I travel. Notice the tendency to pack more books, balloons and running shorts before making room for anything else. Sigh. At least it's in line with my priorities…
Today I had the good fortune to get in touch with two of my best friends back home. It was great to catch up, and I realized how lucky I am to be torn between my wonderful Brazilian surroundings and the excitement of what awaits me back home.
I'm relaxing into my normal life here… which includes some studying, planning running, working out, going out hanging out with friends, playing the guitar, talking in Portuguese… and recently learning to cook from Clarice. Weekends are a whole other matter.
Brandon said he might do the return trip from Louisville to Seattle with me… which would be stellar since he's always game for anything, and we could knock out some national parks along the way… Maybe even hit that coaster park in Cedar Point that I've had my eye on…
Meanwhile, I've been making it to the Creche (daycare in the favela) quite often. My perspective on life there changes every time I go. I'm now comfortable going on my own, which seems to surprise some people… but the kids recognize me in the street now and come running, which makes me feel at home.
The disparity between the options I have at hand back home, compared with the reality surrounding me at the Creche is shocking. The world is so unjust.

More pictures from the Creche (at the bottom)

Maracanã and around Niteroí


2 Responses to Life in Niteroi

  1. Erin says:

    I’m of course always a supporter of anyone who wants to travel to Ohio, but I also think its funny for Cedar point to be on the way from KY to WA

  2. vicctoriorus76 says:

    Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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