A Concert Here and There

This weekend has been filled with music, as the last two nights I've attended concerts in Rio. Last night I went to a Jack Johnson concert, which was fantastic. He is incredibly popular here (I used to own a community on Orkut devoted to him, with 250,000 people… 90% Brazilian) and the concert was held in the same venue where I saw the Samba Parade of Champions after Carnaval. Jack's show was fantastic, as I always enjoy his laid back music, but even more memorable were the people I met. I had planned on going to the show with Deborah, but after a phone mix up at the last minute, I found myself alone at home without a ride to the concert or a ticket (Rodrigo and family had gone to a pre-wedding party that I had passed on because of the concert). I decided I wasn't going to spend my Saturday night in the house, so I left, and asked around I found the right bus to get on, and headed into Rio. On the bus, I started talking to the guys across the aisle, who were part of the big group sitting behind us. I met all of them and they took me in, helped me find a ticket, and I ended up spending the rest of the night with them. The warmth of Brazilians is unsurpassed. Later that night I was getting something to eat with some of my new friends, and I ran into Sally, Jessica, Natalia and Binho… who actually ended up knowing my new friends. Many thanks to Felipe, Arthur, Marina, Fabiana, Juliana, Ana and Deborah… you guys made my night!

Friday night I went to see O Rappa, a popular brazilian band with a reggae feel. The venue was fantastic… I had been there once before during my first trip here to see Geraldo Azevedo. The show started after 2am… which was pretty late in my opinion, but hey… it's Brazil. 🙂 I went with Priscilla and some other friends who I have met through her. I've seen a crazy amount of live music since I've been here. 🙂 There is a definite difference in the energy level at shows here compared to the US. I thoroughly enjoy it… and hope to bring a piece of it back with me.

More photos are here…


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