Easter Festivities

Last night I went into São Franciso, which is the beach on the other side of the hill, about a mile from where I live. I had plans to meet a group of friends for drinks, and the friends I met at the Jack Johnson concert were celebrating a birthday at a nearby bar.
As usual, plans were quite hazy, so I picked up a taxi and arrived in São Francisco alone. I've become quite confident in moving around and going out alone over here, because it always seems to turn out so well. Last night I arrived and found that none of my friends had arrived in the first bar, so after wandering around, I happened to find my friend Luciana from Salvador out in front of another bar. I chatted with her, but she was just leaving (my night started just before midnight) and as she left, I found Ana, a friend from the Jack Johnson concert, and I followed her into another bar where everyone was gathering for Marina's birthday. Cool. Later that night, I met up with my other friends 100 meters down the road at Queen Pizza, and met yet another group I knew. So in all total, I arrived alone, had plans with 2 groups of friends, after being in this country for 3 months I ended up meeting 4 groups of friends, and came home at 5am. Oof. What a life!

I spent nearly all of yesterday at the Creche, as it was their Easter party, so I arrived early and pre-made a bunch of balloons, and then stayed late to enjoy the cake and face painting. I have been waiting for this Easter party for a while, and I think I was at least as excited as any of the kids. I now know almost all of the kids and their personalities, and I can't walk in the street without kids running after me to ask for balloons. The other day I actually visited the other Creche, on a whim, and was invited to their Easter party, next week. I only have about 10 days left here, but Rodrigo's birthday is coming up, and I'm making plans to have one last party with all my friends here before I leave, so it's sure to be memorable.


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