A New Look, A New Topic, and Renewed Strength

I’ve switched from Blogger to WordPress (whew!  Super Easy and MUCH better) so I hope you like the new look.  More changes to come… 

Now that I am back from my travels (for now), I’ll be concentrating on blogging more on my entrepreneurial and career efforts.   It seems right that this blog goes through some changes, as it is a reflection of myself, and I certainly am at a new crossroad in life.   I have successfully left the corporate setting, and in a few short weeks I will return to Seattle to embark on a new life.  This time, I am without a structured environment to lead the way.  It is exactly as I would have it, and for the first time in a long time, I am getting up each morning knowing that I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. 

A quick run down of where I am now:

  • Happily unemployed and not searching.  At some point I’ll make the switch to saying I’m self-employed.
  • I am currently visiting my family, and will return to Seattle in early June. 
  • I am looking at generating income in three ways:
    1. Public Speaking:  I will be running Seminars on Memory and Study Skills for College, and Getting into College during the summer, targeting High Schoolers.
    2. Balloon Twisting:  I will be doing birthday parties and events, to make some money while I spend the majority of my time on…
    3. Creating “Web 2.0” websites that will hopefully add value, generate traffic, and some passive income. 
  • I intend to build up this blog so that it becomes a useful and motivational site that encourages readers to take up careers where you follow your passions and do what you love. 

3 Responses to A New Look, A New Topic, and Renewed Strength

  1. Claude says:

    Nice maan…quite interesting 🙂

  2. You kinda need guts to do what your doing…like quitting a job and that too, a job at Microsoft and then making things happen in the way you want / or would like it to happen..amazing…i goto still read beyond the churascos and figure what they are about !

    lol – cheers !


    BTW: I hope you plan on getting back in the software industry someday..mann the industry needs guys like u !

  3. Claude says:

    Hey you could also train high schoolers in ” Basketball “…a great way of generating income !!! …maan.. i think u should seriously give it a thought.
    It requires no great extra effort on your part !

    Cheers Coach !!! 🙂

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